Targeted communication with a printed newspaper 

There are many reasons to communicate with a newspaper:

A unique newspaper for every coffee table

Why send important communication into the world via email when you know that some people receive hundreds of emails each day.

It’s not easy to formulate a concise and captivating message that grabs the necessary attention and stands out from all that digital clutter.

But the direct attention readers pay when reading a newspaper is much, much greater. And that’s what it’s all about. Right?

A newspaper with a distinctly large format and targeted salutation is the ultimate eye-catcher.


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There's every reason to communicate with a newspaper - Genscom


Put your brand in the spotlight

Internal branding

Employees that live and breathe the vision of your brand message, that’s what every company or organization wants. That’s why an employee paper is a great idea.

There’s plenty of space for company storytelling or a detailed showcase. Surprise your employees and convince the best candidates with a detailed company newspaper.

External branding

A newspaper gives you creative control over your external communication, including:

  • •  The products and information to share
  • •  The frequency of publication
  • •  The target audience
  • •  The lay-out
Use a corporate newspaper for internal and external branding - Genscom


Commemorate your event 

After-movies are hot! But what about dropping a personalized newspaper in the letterbox after a successful event?

This doesn’t only keep the event top-of-mind but provides participants with an exciting memento and offers you the chance to review the reasons for your initiative.

Want to share an important message? Want to highlight a specific product? You can do it all in this after-journal!



Commemorate your event with a personalized newspaper - Genscom


Create a succesful campaign 

There are many charitable organizations out there looking for donors and sponsors to finance their operations. A newspaper is a perfect fundraising tool. A few example include:

• Keep donors informed of your activities so they know how their money is being spent.

• Invite benefactors to make another financial contribution with a personalized transfer.

• Take your time to extensively thank your donors and sponsors for their continued support.



A newspaper is a perfect tool for fundraising - Genscom


Highlight your initiatives

Volunteer work is the mainstay of our social fabric. We have a rich tradition of organizations and clubs in youth, sport, welfare and socio-cultural sectors.

Hundreds of activities are organized daily. A newspaper allows them to shed light on their initiatives. That has several advantages:

  • • A newspaper is affordable
    • A newspaper stands out
    • A newspaper contains a lot of information
    • Create your own design using our online editor or that of the national organization
Highlight your initiatives and activities with a printed newspaper - Genscom