Your green newspaper


Sustainable printing process

Digital printing reduces the ecological footprint. We print the exact number of copies without any superfluous prints. The printers are equipped with a unique camera system to detect reprints as well as adjustable speed and pause buttons to ensure a smooth printing process. 

Additional features of our printers:

• Inkjet printers with low power consumption: no extra drying required
• No ozone emissions: a healthy work environment
• Climate regulation of the print room with heat pumps




Printing your newspaper in an eco-friendly way - Genscom

Environmentally friendly ink

We print all our newspapers on a rotary press with water-based ink without chemical solvents. No extra drying is required and no aggressive solvents are emitted.

The ink is also easy to remove, which facilitates the recycling process.





Printing your newspaper with environmentally friendly ink - Genscom

Eco-friendly newsprint

We use recycled and FSC-certified newsprint. That means the paper has been sourced from responsibly managed forests. The raw material (pulp) isn’t sourced from forests with a high nature value (‘primary forests’) nor from tropical rainforests that have been cut down or burned to make way for plantations.




Printing your newspaper with eco-friendly newsprint - Genscom

Circular economy

Besides the use of materials, recycling is also essential. We don’t only recycle our paper but also organize the take-back and recycling of all packaging of paper rolls, ink cans and consumables by the supplier.

Plus, there's a lot of recycling done on the printers: 

• Up to 80% of the printers are recyclable
• The inkjet printheads can also be reused



Printing your newspaper thanks to a circular economy - Genscom

Local production

Our production is based in Antwerp, Belgium. Due to our favorable location, transport for deliveries in Belgium and the Netherlands is limited.





Printing your newspaper locally - Genscom