Local clubs take the floor in the Neos member magazine

The harmonious collaboration between national, provincial and local divisions





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The choice for a Genscom communication platform


A custom Genscom platform allows local, provincial and national divisions of the association to work together on a shared publication.

This allows 220 local clubs to highlight their local programs, events, photos and activities in local editions of the member magazine.

Volunteers can directly contribute to the publication in their own time as well as indicate the number of copies needed for print in their neighbourhood.


A member magazine allows Neos to promote local, provincial and national news - Genscom

Recruiting new members with a member newspaper


The member magazines are then spread across the community: in libraries, community centers, theatres, waiting rooms, cafés, restaurants, fairs and festivities.

And the results have definitely proved worthwhile! Indeed, Neos ASBL has seen membership numbers soar in recent years.




The Neos newspapers are handed out across the community to recruit new members - Genscom

A perfect mix of uniekness and uniformity


Contributions from local, provincial and national divisions of the association are poured into a customized template, designed in keeping with the brand visual identity, for a uniform and professional whole.


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Customized templates give the Neos member magazines a uniek and uniform look - Genscom