What size is my newspaper?

Our newspapers have a page size of 280 x 400 mm, with a print area of 250 x 370 mm. So there is no bleed around the print area: each page includes an outer margin of 30 mm. Spreads are only possible as centrefolds in the middle pages of the newspaper.

Is my newspaper printed on real newsprint?

Yes! We use real newsprint to give your newspaper that authentic look and feel. Newspapers up to 12 pages are printed on slightly firmer newsprint (80g). That way, your newspaper is easier to hold and leaf through. Newspapers with 16 pages or more are printed on a lighter-weight newsprint (60g). Both types of newsprint are environment-friendly and FSC-certified. 

Want a more professional look? Then we’ll print your paper on white paper (80g), which is also recycled. Discover just how eco-friendly your paper is here.

Why are there print marks on my newspaper?

The use of print marks are technical requirements that allow us to process your order efficiently. These print marks are found on the outer margins of your newspaper (outside of the print area) and have no bearing on your texts or pictures.

Can I make a newspaper from a PDF file?

Yes, you can! To do so, you can upload your PDF in our webshop. Before uploading your PDF, make sure your file has the right dimensions. You’ll find these in the technical data sheet. If you use other dimensions, we’ll have to rescale your PDF design.

Are the newspapers delivered by registered post?

This depends on the size of your order. Smaller orders are delivered by post. There is no shipment number to track the order. Your local postman will deliver your order.

Larger orders are delivered by courier service TNT FedEx. As soon as your order has been shipped, you’ll receive an e-mail with a shipment number to track your order. This is registered post, so it’s important that someone’s home to sign for the package. If you are unable to receive your shipment at the scheduled time, please contact TNT Fedex directly to arrange a new delivery time. Alternatively, you can leave a signed note with specific instructions for your TNT courier next to the doorbell.

Can my newspapers also be shipped individually?

Yes, they can. When shipping individually, we'll print the delivery address in the top righthand corner of the papers, so you’ll have to leave some free space. And don’t forget to add the Bpost logo, return address and responsible editor to your front page. The shipping rate depends on the weight and size of your order. Do you qualify for a certificate of publication? Then don’t forget to state the certificate number and publishing schedule on the front page too. If you'd like to ship your paper individually or have any questions regarding the shipping rate for your periodicals? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

How long will it take for my newspaper to be delivered?

We print and ship your newspaper(s) on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Each order placed by Tuesday, before midnight, will be printed and shipped before the weekend. As a general rule, your order will be delivered 4 business days after shipment (within the EU). If you opt for an Express delivery, your order will be delivered 2 business days after shipment (BE, NL, DE, FR, UK and LU), with the exception of public holidays. If your print run exceeds 10.000 copies, we’d love to schedule this in advance.

What are the closing days of the print shop?

Genscom doesn’t have any closing days. We’re available all year round and will print your paper every week. We don’t print on public holidays, so there may be a day’s delay on this occasion. A different printing schedule may apply during the summer holidays. But we’ll make sure to announce this on the homepage of our website well in advance.

Where can I find some examples?

You’ll find lots of pictures on Pinterest or spread throughout our website (check out some of our case studies). Want to see the real deal? Request a sample newspaper for your company or organization. We’ll send it your way asap!

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